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Travel Agency Android App

Travel Agency Android Application

If you need an application for your travel agency, Travel Agency app is the best solution for you.

Travel Agency is an application where you’ll be able to share all of your destinations with every information that your future travelers need. You can make your own travel program and share it to everyone.

These are some screenshots of an application concept. Everything is changeable and can be made by client wish. This screenshots are just samples.

This screenshots are just samples.

With this application, you can make a travel chat. That is a chat that have its identification code and then every user of your application is able to join if knows a code.

This is really useful to your travelers because they need to stay in contact with a guide. First of all, it will be useful for your agency.

Also there will be a news for every destination and guide will be able to put there all information that is important (for example where the group are going or similar).

If you are interested in this application, you can contact me by clicking HERE.

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