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Tortoise Record

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Tortoise Record is a windows application for recording tortoises, workers and species. With this mini system you can track every tortoise that you signed in application. You can login like administrator where you are able to create new species and add workers. If you login like worker you can manage tortoises, add them, edit them or remove them.

Tortoise Record is really useful system for tortoise breeders.

First screen of the system is Login. You need to enter your login credentials to enter the main screen.

Administrator Screen

After successful login, the first screen is the main screen. It depends on whether you are an administrator or a worker. Administrator’s screen looks like this:

Admin Main Screen

Administrator main screen allows you to see some information about whole application. For example:

  • Workers in system
  • Species in system
  • Tortoises in system

At the left side of the screen you can see the navigation. Navigation allows you to navigate trough application. Full navigation is shown below:

Admin Main Navigation

The next screen is worker list screen. You can manage workers by adding them, editing them or deleting them.

Admin Workers
Admin Workers Adding
Admin Workers Delete
Admin Workers Edit

In the navigation, you can see the Species option. At the species screen you can manage everything that you need for your species. Species can be tortoise species but you can also create any other animal or use it in your own way. You can create, edit or delete species. The preview of the screen is shown below:

Tortoise Record Admin Species
Tortoise Record Admin Species Edit
Admin Species Delete

Workers Screen

If you login with worker credentials, screens are quite different. Main screen is shown below:

Workers Main

Next screen is tortoise list screen where you can add, edit or delete your animals.

Tortoise Record Workers Tortoises
Tortoise Record Workers Tortoises Adding
Tortoise Record Workers Tortoises Adding Date
Tortoise Record Workers Tortoises Edit
Workers Tortoises Delete

And for the end, if you want to close the application, you need to click the close button at the bottom left.

Application Exit

Tortoise Record is totally free!

And you can download it by clicking HERE!

This application is really simple and small but can be useful for hobbyist who like animals. If you are interested in this work, you can CONTACT ME or send me e-mail directly to [email protected] or [email protected].

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