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Android Application Renter

Renter is a system for android for online car renting. It allows to users to find a car by their wish and to make a reservation for it. Car rental companies have their separated application that they use for adding a cars.

This system is composed of three separated application. The first one is for users and that is the only application that users can download and install from Google Play. The second app is for car rental companies and the third one is for system owner. The third app is admin application and its purpose is adding car rental agencies to the database.

This is the very first step of making this system functionally. This step can be done manually trough database but it is easier this way. App owner chooses car rental agencies’ name, address, logo, and e-mail and password for later login.

Renter Agency

The second application (a green one) is intended to car rental agencies. Once the agency is added, you can log in with that information in the second app. After log in your main duty is to add your cars. When you are adding cars you will need to enter some information like car name, size, day price, picture, day discount, door number, bag number, additional stuff..

Renter Agency App allows you to mark if your vehicle is available at the moment. This is helpful when someone order a car without using Renter application. If that happens you must mark that car as reserved to prevent double reservations from the app.

In Renter Agency App you can see every reservation from users app and archive of every previous reservation. Also you can see a statistics of your archive by chosen date.

Renter User

In Renter User you can see all registered agencies and their rating. When you search for vehicles it will be sorted by companies’ rating. Which means that the cars of agencies with better rating will be shown first.

At home page, the very first thing you need to do is to type a city where you want to rent your car. After that, you need to provide information of taking and returning date and time. After that, application will list every car that is available at the time that you chose. If someone made a reservation on that date/time before you, that cars won’t be shown. You can use filter and sort options too.

How it works?

When you choose a car that you like the most, you can click on it and see a more information. On that page you can see car rental agencies rating and comments what other says about it. Also, you can add additional stuff like GPS, baby seat, additional seat etc. What ever you add will be included in the final price. Every addition has its own price that car agencies’ owner must enter when they are adding cars.

After choosing your car and additions, you need to provide your personal information before making a reservation. After all of that, the last thing that user have to do is to make a reservation.

Renter User will generate a random code that will receive car rental company in their application. You will have your reservation ready and the only thing you need to do is to go in the agency at the date and time you chose.

In the end, car rental agency have to mark your reservation as finished if everything has gone well. When they do that, you will get an option to rate an agency and to leave a comment. That is the final part that must be done or you won’t be able to make another reservation.

This system is really complex and it took me a lot of time to make it. This system will be active in Bosnia and Herzegovina soon so if you ever visit that country you will be able to rent a car just with your smartphone.

I hope you like my work. And if you do, you can contact me by clicking here. I’m always available for cooperation and I am looking forward to working with you.

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