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Android Image Forwarding

Image Forwarding Android Application

Android Image Forwarding application is really useful system that you can use for various purposes. With this application you can allow to your users to send some images from their phone to your storage.


There is two options for picture sending in Android Image Forwarding app. One option is to take a picture by yourself with front or back camera and other option is to upload image from your phone.

When you take/upload a photo , you have a send button that sends picture to a storage. When you are going to send it, you will be asked for some more information that can be changed by your wish.

By default, picture arrives to google’s firebase database, but that can be changed by client wish. When photo arrives, you can see date when it is sent and every additional information that client entered before photo sent.

This application can be used for various purposes like restaurants, cafes etc. For more information contact me or see my google play.

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