Hide & Seek mode – CS 1.6

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Hide & Seek mode – CS 1.6

Hide & Seek Mode CS 1.6

Hide & Seek mode is a totally new game mode for Counter Strike 1.6 game. Counter Strike is shooter game, but this mode will bring something new in it.

When round starts, terrorists need to hide somewhere in the map. While they are finding a place to hide, counter terrorists keep their eyes closed.

When hiding timer clocks, terrorists are frozen and whole map becomes dark. Enough dark that anyone can’t see anything… expect counter terrorists. They have unlimited lamps at their guns that they can use to find terrorists.

Counter terrorist’s goal is to eliminate all of the hiders. Terrorist’s goal is to survive the whole round. If terrorist survive, he gets one successfully hide and money.

Money can be used for special shop where terrorists can buy invisibility, traps for counters, immortality etc. Counter terrors can buy speed, gravity and other things like that.

There is a special top 15 list for hide & seek mode. In this top 15 players are sorted by successfully hides.

Also, when you get enough successfully hides, you get a level. So, there is also a Level System.

Hide N Seek Mode Counter Strike 1.6
A lot of servers used this mode before.

This mode is totally FREE and you can download it HERE , or for more information contact me by clicking HERE.

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