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Android Peles Expenses

Peles Expenses

Easily record your personal/business financial transactions with Peles Expenses. This system makes managing personal finances easier than ever! Make your own categories for your expenses and put your daily expenses in that category. With this application you can make your life easier. You can see graphic view of your monthly or yearly expenses at any…
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Android Application Renter

Android Application – Renter

Renter is a system for android for online car renting. It allows to users to find a car by their wish and to make a reservation for it. Car rental companies have their separated application that they use for adding a cars. This system is composed of three separated application. The first one is for…
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Image Forwarding Android Application

Android Image Forwarding

Android Image Forwarding application is really useful system that you can use for various purposes. With this application you can allow to your users to send some images from their phone to your storage. Information There is two options for picture sending in Android Image Forwarding app. One option is to take a picture by…
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Android Application Opinions

Android Application Opinions

Android Opinions application is an example of application that users can post their opinions about anything. Share your opinion anonymously or with your registration name. When you share your opinion it will be put in MySQL database and it will be visible for every other application’s user. This application uses background web service for client/server…
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Travel Agency Android Application

Travel Agency Android App

If you need an application for your travel agency, Travel Agency app is the best solution for you. Travel Agency is an application where you’ll be able to share all of your destinations with every information that your future travelers need. You can make your own travel program and share it to everyone. These are…
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Turtle Magazine Android Application

Turtle Magazine

Turtle Magazine is intended for everyone who is the turtle lover. You have turtle or tortoise as your pet? Do you think that it’s good to have all information about your pet in your pocket? This is application for you. Application is separated in two parts, one is for turtles and other is for tortoises.…
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Shongo Vomit Android Drinking Game

Drinking game – Shongo Vomit

You like parties? You like games? Shongo Vomit is perfect application for you. Shongo Vomit is Egyptian version of drinking game! It is combination of all previous drinking games! Card drinking games can typically be great icebreakers when you’re trying to ease any potential social awkwardness if you’re with a group of people that might…
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