About Me

Android Developer&Designer


I’m Miljan Peles, an ambitious Graphic Designer and Android&Java Developer from Serbia. I’m an expert in Photoshop (designs of any kind) and in Android Application Development. From the year 2019, I jumped into a world of game development using Unity 3D, which will expand my abilities in observing market for android. I can also do Java and C# jobs.

Miljan Peles


 From the age of 11, my journey in the world of computers and design begins. Firstly, I have been playing Counter Strike and learned my first programming language (Pawn) that I used to make game modes for the game. I have been working in Pawn programming language for last 9 years and in that time I opened my own CS server and made a lot of addons for it. In the meantime, I was studying Photoshop, learning how to design. I was also really interested in web development so I studied HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP and JavaScript but very soon I realized that I want to be an Android programmer so I attended and finished an IT Academy course for Android Application Development.

In 2019, I started with two new technologies: Unity 3D and iOS

Also, I finished Oracle Java Fundamentals and Oracle Java Programming courses. Now, I am studying at Information Technology University (Comtrade) in Belgrade and I am working in TCOM d.o.o with status of an Android Programmer.

 You like this? Hire me!

I always wanted to share my knowledge with everyone so I decided to start a youtube channel where I put lessons about Android, Photoshop, Design and everything else that I know. At the right side of this page, you can see some of my videos or you can click HERE for direct link to my channel.


I’m hardworking, creative and dedicated designer and developer. I truly love my job and I give my best to make my clients satisfied with my solutions. I’m always available for cooperation.


In my free time, I like sports, animals, playing piano etc.. My private life is not complicated at all. I trained athletics for 2 years and after that water polo for 10 years. Now I have a job and studies and in my free time I like bicycle, running, skiing, ice skating, playing piano.. I also drive a motorcycle and a car.

Miljan Peles


I’m looking forward to working with you, feel free to contact me with your ideas. Talk to me, challenge me and let us set up new standards together.